Abridged terms and conditions

Restrictions of use

  • The accommodation hired shall not be used for any purpose other than the function stated on your booking form
  • We are unable to accept bookings for 18th birthday parties
  • We require that bookings made on any Saturday from April to September must cater for both wedding breakfast and evening buffet. This also applies to Sundays prior to a bank holiday
  • Self-catered functions are not permitted on a Saturday nor are they permitted on a Sunday prior to a bank holiday

Bookings and charges

  • Provisional bookings can be held free of charge for a period of 14 days. After this time the Council reserves the right to release the booking without notification. A verbal confirmation will not stand as a booking. Hiring is provisional until confirmed in writing to the hirer by the manager or nominee
  • The hirer shall enclose a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of £100 with the application form
  • An additional non-refundable £400 deposit is required for all weddings and Saturday functions and is to be paid 12 months prior to the function (bringing the total deposit to £500). If the booking is less than 12 months before the function, £100 secures the booking but the additional £400 is to be paid within 28 days of the receipt of the initial £100 deposit
  • The balance of the hire charge together with 100% of the anticipated catering charges shall be paid by the hirer, no later than 28 days before the date of the function
  • Please see our full conditions of letting for details of deposits payable for self-catered functions.
  • A £500 bond for ‘full day’ Wedding Receptions and a £250 bond for christenings/naming ceremonies, etc, and all evening functions to be paid prior to the date of the function. This will be returned as soon as possible when the management is satisfied that no further costs have been incurred.
  •  The council may refuse access to the accommodation if payment is not made

Cancellation policy

The function may be cancelled by the hirer at any time but the following cancellation charges will apply:

Prior to date of function Cancellation charge
Within 20 weeks Full hire charge for the acommodation
Within 12 weeks Full hire charge for the accommodation plus 20% of anticipated catering costs
Within 8 weeks Full hire charge for the accommodation plus 50% of anticipated catering costs
Within 4 weeks Full hire charge for the accommodation plus 100% of anticipated catering costs

Our cancellation policy is further detailed in our full Conditions of Letting.


The hirer shall ensure that no food or refreshments are consumed at the accommodation except such foods or refreshments as may be supplied by Venues in Salford. Exceptions will be charged by the manager to the organiser. Please note that a minimum spend per head may apply to your event.

The above does not apply to self-catered events.

Intoxicating liquor

The hirer shall ensure that no intoxicating liquor is either brought onto or consumed in the accommodation, except such intoxicating liquor as may be supplied by Venues in Salford, through their bars. Any persons who do not comply with this will be asked to leave the premises.

Review of charges

Please note that our prices are reviewed annually and any changes will come into effect from 1 April each year.


The hirer shall ensure that:

  • No bolts, nails, tacks, screws or stickers should be driven or attached to any part of the accommodation or furniture thereof
  • No confetti cannons or confetti filled balloons are to be used
  • Smoke machines are not permitted
  • At The Court House, visiting DJs must use the in-house speaker system and guardian sound monitor
  • At The Court House, Karaoke entertainment is not permitted
  • At The Court House, all live music must conclude by 10.30pm. The DJ can play until the end of the function through the in-house speaker system

Good Order

The hirer shall maintain good order at all times during the function. Should the hirer or their guests cause any damage to the exterior or interior fixtures and fittings of the building or damage to the venue’s immediate gardens, a charge will be levied to cover the cost of the repairs.

Vacation of accommodation

The hirer shall ensure that the accommodation is vacated by all persons attending the function, within thirty minutes after the end of the function.

Exhibitions and other similar functions

If the accommodation is hired for the purpose of exhibitions, bazaars or other similar functions, the hirer must at least three weeks before the date of the function submit to the manager for the council’s approval the proposed arrangements of stalls, stands, gangways, etc.